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Camilla's Club Girls

Our favourite journalistic duo & ultimate Instagram honeys, Natalie Salmon & Lily Worcester (aka #NATALILY of ES magazine) joined us for a day at Southam Street for the second instalment of our Camilla’s Club girl guides. We talked all things wardrobes (to die for!), top trendy hangouts and most importantly – SHOES! Scroll down for an insight to what it’s really like to live a day in the lives of Natalily

On a rainy Saturday morning in May we met at the eclectic Southam Street restaurant in West London. Lily arrived first (dressed down, but cool as ever) hauling her suitcase of wears out of her boyfriend’s car. Natalie followed (looking equally as effortless, shrugging off the fact that her burglar alarm had kept her up since 2:00am the night before…) She too was equipped with a full suitcase of garment ammunition.

As soon as the bags opened, the top floor of Southam Street became any girl’s dream… a combination of Rixo, Self Portrait & vintage pieces (you would only be so lucky to find!) hung from the kooky artwork, adorned chairs and splayed onto the floor… This was not #NATALILY’s first rodeo, both style queens – with a work ethic to aspire too – know exactly what’s what when it comes to photo-shoots…

Natalie is Social Media Editor & Lily is Deputy Beauty and Lifestyle Editor at the Evening Standard Magazine –  both are confident and well versed in working a room and their top-tip to make sure they are snap ready (at all times) had us in stiches…

“You just have to be ready to fake laugh on queue…1, 2, 3” 

* Both Natalie and Lily throw their heads back in unison to demonstrate their perfectly rehearsed and extremely convincing fake giggle *

Their enthusiasm and laughter is infectious and their sass and wit (surrounding anything from current affairs and politics, to quoting the Kardashians) is thoroughly entertaining!

Between shots we asked the girls a few things we had been dying to find out…

Lily wears Disco Stiletto

Lily wears Disco Stiletto

Disco Stiletto

 Home is…

 N: I’ve just moved into a flat with my boyfriend Richard, in Ladbroke grove. He kidnapped me from Putney, but I love the area, I’m definitely a west London gal now. I love being around the corner from the Portobello Churro stand.

 L: My boyfriend Willy and I live in Shepard’s Bush. The Soho House White City has been a major area game changer. I despise all manner of exercise so I try and always walk to work, it only takes 20 minutes so I don’t really have any excuse not to.

Gold Dust Stiletto & Silver Lining Disco Pink

 When did you first fall in love with shoes?

 N: Age 2. I was born with a high arch. I used to believe I was destined for wearing high heels, however was not allowed them until I was 15.

 L: I was bought a pair of Prada’s for my 21st, and the rest was history.

Natalie wears PEZ Chi Chi

Natalie wears PEZ Chi Chi

Natalie wears PEZ Chi Chi

Favourite pair of shoes you have ever owned?

 N: My smiley boots by Camilla, they just make me happy, PLUS they always get showered in compliments whenever I wear them.

 L: My Granny has the most breath taking wardrobe, so much of what I wear belongs to her. She gave me her old pair of thigh high canvas boots. And yes, they are as fab as they sound.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

N: Like 50?

L:  S*** 50? Really! I’m probably around the 20 mark. I tend to buy shoes and then wear then every day until they start to disintegrate. At least I’m getting my money’s worth, I guess.

Flats or Heels?

N: Both.

L: Definitely both, I mainly wear trainers to the office, I’m a huge fan of that ‘ugly trainer’ trend and then always some guise of fabulous heel in the evening.

N: I cannot pull off the ugly trainer.

What’s the best style advice you’ve been given…

N: This isn’t really advice but once our Fashion Director, the legendary Bay Garnett, once told me she liked my style and I totally freaked out. She’s into charity shops which I also love.

L: It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Describe your personal style…

L: More is more. I’m totally obsessed with colour and pattern. In my book there is no such thing as a bad clash or too much pattern.

N: Pretty much the same as Lily’s to be honest! Not a big fan of minimalism. It’s unfortunate that I’m dating a Swede. They live in black, grey and white.

Name one thing you cannot live without?


L: Is that a bit tragic? Tragic but true.

What are you reading at the moment?

N: Homo-Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, it’s a must read. It explains how humans eventually will evolve in a technologically advanced society and how our lives will change when our life expectancy increases. It’s the sequel to Sapiens.

L: I know I’m late to the party but I’m finally reading Tina Brown’s Vanity Fair Diaries. The idea of being editor-in-chief of Tatler at 25 and then Vanity Fair at 31 blows my mind.

Biggest Extravagance/Guilty Pleasure?

L: Food is by far my biggest extravagance and my greatest pleasure. I’m a massive foodie and love eating out. There is this funny little Greek place in Maida Vale called Tsiakkos Charcoal that I’m obsessed with, it’s very low key and sort of feels like you are sitting in someone’s back garden but the food is incredible.

N: Probably travel. I’d rather spend money on a flight somewhere then on anything else.

What’s your favourite place in London?

N: The new Annabel’s… those interiors.

L: I agree, rose quarts sinks and rose covered ceilings, what’s not to love?

Describe your perfect Sunday…

N: Sweet corn fritters at Granger & Co with Lily, which on a dream Sunday would miraculously have no queue, followed by an afternoon spent wandering around antique shops and Jonathan Adler, and then then a late lunch at The Electric with Willy and Richard.

L: Yep, that sounds pretty heavenly to me. Maybe I’d throw in a Nutella crepe from  the stall on Portobello.

Who are your heroes and why?

L: Giovanna Engelbert is my style icon.

N: Lily and I are both obsessed with the film Evita. So maybe Eva Peron… more for the wardrobe than anything else.

Something not many people know about you.

L: I use to play the saxophone in a wedding band. I actually played a duet with Dominic West at his own wedding. He was on the clarinet.

N: I have a tattoo of a fish hook on my arm. You know, because my last name is Salmon. Get it?

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With thanks to Natalie Salmon & Lily Worcester
Photography: Charlie Sawyer  |  Styling : Alexandra Winston  |  Location : Southam Street Restaurant