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Gorgeous, charming and witty – a formidably fierce mix & our new girl crush, Tabitha Willett, possesses all!

She is a powerhouse of driven, female energy who is skilled at instilling her personal charisma into brand-shaping marketing campaigns for her clients… But within her feisty ‘let’s-get-sh*t-done’ attitude, there is something about Tabitha that makes you feel instantly at ease in her company…

We caught up with her at Farm Girl, Chelsea, to have a chat before she set off on her latest venture – Filming in Croatia for the next season of Made in Chelsea.

Tabitha arrives on a hot spring morning, looking effortlessly chic in jeans, a simple top, playful sunglasses and her favourite pair of Camilla Elphick block-heels (her beautiful Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Ruby, in tow… )

A devoted shoe lover, Tabitha has already spent a week with us in Paris for fashion week to model our latest collection… somehow, we persuaded her to join us again, this time for a photoshoot.  She gets stuck in straight away with our stylist, Alexandra Winston, mixing up her own pieces with Alexandra’s selection…. and Never giving up until we get the perfect shot.

Throughout the day, we asked Tabitha a few niggling questions…

Home is…

“Wherever my gorgeous dog Ruby is!” 

What are you up to at the moment?

“I am currently planning lots of Summer adventures around Europe. I can’t wait to clock out!”


Tabitha with Ruby wearing our Disco Stiletto

Tabitha with Ruby wearing our Disco Stiletto

When did you first fall in love with shoes?

“My mother has always had the most amazing collection of shoes that I would try on growing up. She had an incredible pair of Gucci bright green loafers with a teddy bear on the front that my sisters and I thought were hilarious at the time, although thinking back now they were incredibly cool!”

Favourite pair of shoes you have ever owned?

“My first ever pay check that I received I trotted straight to Harrods and bought a pair of Chanel ballet pumps.”

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

“Too many to count. Probably over 40!”


Flats or Heels?
“I have always been a heels girl, although I have been completely disregarding them at the moment as there have been such amazing flats available recently.” 
What’s the best style advice you’ve been given…
“Always have clean shoes and a clean manicure – the rest doesn’t matter.”
Describe your personal style…
“Mostly classic, comfortable and girly – although I am getting more brave as I get older. Nothing beats a perfect pair of high waisted boyfriend jeans and a plain white tee. I am a firm believer that if you feel comfortable in what you are wearing and wear it confidently you will always look good. I will always pair a good casual outfit with a gorgeous pair of shoes, a blow-dry and some statement earrings.”
Tabitha wears our Palm Springs block heels

Tabitha wears our Palm Springs block heels | Coming soon to

Name one thing you cannot live without!
What are you reading at the moment?
“I am not much of a book person, although I will religiously read Sheer Luxe blog daily and I adore the Evening Standard Magazine.”
Biggest Extravagance/Guilty Pleasure?
“My wonderful cleaner is my biggest luxury. I don’t know what I would do without a tidy house and clean laundry.” 
Tabitha wears our Palm Springs block heels

Tabitha wears our Palm Springs block heels | Coming soon to

What’s your favourite place in London?
“My happy place is a walk around Battersea park with my dog followed by a lunch at Le Pot Lyonnaise.”
Tabitha wears our PEZ Daisy

Tabitha wears our PEZ Daisy

Describe your perfect Sunday…
“A lie-in, dog walk, good film and food – lots of food.”

Tabitha wears our PEZ Daisy

Who are your heroes and why?
“My father, who has the most love to give in the whole world and will never fail to bring a smile to my face.”
Something not many people know about you.
“I was expelled from almost every school that I went to.”


Personal Motto

“Be kind and be useful.”


Shop Tabitha’s Top Picks

With thanks to Tabitha Willett
Photography: Charlie Sawyer  |  Styling : Alexandra Winston  |  Location : Farm Girl Chelsea

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